Behaviour Analytics is the ultimate key to understand customer experience and infrastructure performance.

Know your customer
Understanding customer behaviour

All businesses from supermarkets to higher education are facing a future with increasing competition for customers. This ranges from attracting customers to the ability of binding them to the brand. On the other hand customers expect an individualised and real time experience in all areas of interaction.

Wireless data is essential to understand the needs and behaviour of the customers and is the key to deliver a seamless customer experience. The availability of digital real-time data allows businesses to get an insight into the actual day to day customer interaction and experience. Combining digital dynamic data with conventional customer data enables the business to delivery a relevant real-time experience and as such binding the customer to the brand and providing an up-to-date, relevant and agile response to future customer expectations.

Nexulogy specialises in behaviour analytics and will help you discover real-time and long term customer experience trends in your digital data.

Relevant products

A detailed understanding of customer behaviour and expectation is essential for the delivery of relevant products. Digital data has the ability to analyse the correlation of customers, time and space. This means that conventional data (e.g. sales figures) gain a new dimension through the correlation with real world dwell times, attendance rates, trip and visitation patterns.  A timely recognition of the complex patterns in the customer flow allows businesses to provide the right product at the right time for the right group.

Relevant investment

Especially long term investments like new infrastructures needs be considered carefully. It is therefore critical to understand the current utilisation of assets. Before further investments are made a thorough investigation of the current capacities is crucial. Often capacities hidden in the system remain undetected when real-time behaviour data is not available. Digital data can discover hidden capacities through new big-data and machine learning methodologies.

The actual customer behaviour will highlight areas of high demand or underutilisation. The insights gained from such an analysis will help understanding future demand and can provide substantial savings through re-purposing under-utilised assets.