Business Intelligence

Heat-map screenshot - Datenmaschine

Business Intelligence is not a piece of software that can deliver insights by just pressing a button. Nexulogy will take the time to understand your business questions and goals, and based on these will create quantifiable metrics that provide you with business insights.
We will help you navigate all the IT challenges using Big Data Cloud services. Machine Learning will help you to reduce costs, deliver faster and provide you with reliable results.


Wi-Fi is an essential service for commercial and public spaces, with the intention of attracting additional visitors and improving retention.The good news is, customer expectations and provider benefits go hand in hand.

Improvements on one side immediately benefit the other.

Wireless data for large groups of people in a non-restrictive environment are extremely complex and appear to display random behaviour. Sophisticated analytics are required to identify movement and behavioural patterns.

Once pattern a have been isolated from the Wi-Fi data, they can be combined with contextual data to understand motivation, demand, performance and trends. These outcomes are the essential insight for data-driven management decision.

Datenmaschine takes care of this process, allowing you to focus on business decisions and not on data manipulation.

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