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How to use Wi-Fi for a save return to business

The current COVID-19 pandemic will most likely have a lasting effect on how we interact with each other and our environment in the future. Operators of large spaces, like university campuses, shopping malls, and airports, are currently facing a dilemma: how to return to business as fast as possible, while at the same time providing a safe environment for returning visitors and customers? As people behaviour is the driving factor for viral spread, the operators have to understand the dynamics of people interaction within their spaces to proactively manage safety and regain visitor trust. Managing space is not just a business decision, but a mandate to provide a safe environment. Managing space is not just a business decision, but a mandate to provide a safe environment.

Contact tracing can be measured using an existing location aware Wi-Fi infrastructure, such as the Cisco Wireless ecosystem of products.

Understanding the utilisation and demographics of the environment can help to identify areas where social distance limits are exceeded and flags areas of higher demand for hand sanitisers or other forms of utility services.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi can measure close contacts, duration of the contacts, and provide a history of contacts using smart algorithms.

Contact tracing for coronavirus (COVID-19) is now a key strategic assurance tools, which enable notification and assist control of the disease propagation without the need of mobile app installation for areas under efficient Wi-Fi coverage.

Use existing hardware - no need for additional downloads
Ready with minimal to no changes to Wi-Fi system
Comprehensive crowd density and contact tracing reports
Provides customer experience analytics for future business development

This solution is ideal for universities, large institutions, shopping centres, hospitals, and transport centres.

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