Shopping Centres

Connecting and engaging your customers physically, digitally and beyond.

Shopping Centres

Connect and Engage

Customers expecting networks with uncomplicated access, good coverage and a capacity that allows fast and reliable data streaming.

Apart from the benefits for customers, networks have now matured and are able to deliver a payback on the investment in the form of data for business analytics.

If access is complicated or not reliable customers will not connect and the benefits for the business are lost. Nexulogy can optimise your network performance and data capture.

Payback is delivered in form of data for your business.

Location analytics is not limited to single wireless deployments, but can be aggregated across multiple locations. Data can be aggregated by type (e.g. all car parks), area (e.g. ground floor) and any other combination of virtual or real world business area. This provides valuable information for planning traffic flow and dwell time analytics.

Wireless analytics allows to break down the dwell time by individual locations. This is a base metric in any detailed visitor analysis. Wireless analytics can even cross correlate between various locations down to each individual visitor or visitor group.

Understanding the customer experience is as important as offering the right product in the right location at the right time. Physical outlets need to rethink the interaction of shopping in the digital and physical world - a wireless system is the key to understanding both.

Dwell time in minutes by time of day and retail group