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We work, live, consume and learn in both digital and physical worlds. The coexistence of these two worlds has dramatically changed the way we interact with each other and with our environment.
Potential growth and survival of any business relies on its ability to harness digital competitive advantages and connect digital to the real world.

What We Do

Nexulogy combines wireless design, data management and business insights to bridge the gap between the digital and the real world. Delivering insights for real world management decisions. We help your business to leverages the synergies of the digital and physical world.
"Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000." Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture

Wireless Intelligence

Wi-Fi Analytics

Smart Wireless

Wireless is the sensory nerve of any smart infrastructure.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Combination of Multidisciplinary IT professional service to deliver business outcome.

Finding Order In Chaos

Wireless data for large groups of people in a non-restrictive environment are extremely complex and appear to display random behaviour. Sophisticated analytics are required to identify movement and behavioural patterns.

Making Connections

Once pattern a have been isolated from the Wi-Fi data they can be combined with contextual data to understand motivation, demand, performance and trends. This is the essential insight for data-driven management decision.


Nexulogy provides specialised wireless analytical services that are essential for the future improvement and development of network infrastructure.

The Art of Data Science

“Data in its raw form does not provide business insights”
Dr J. Dethlefs, Nexulogy

Wireless Data

Wi-Fi adds an important dimension to conventional business data, making it more tangible and relevant to the actual, day to day performance of the business. Only the amalgamation of wireless and contextual data provides deeper business insights, and in return can be used to improve the customer experience and efficient utilisation of assets. This information is leveraged by corporations for critical decision making.

Business Nexus

The Business Nexus developed by Nexulogy is an integrated approach combining wireless engineering, data collection and data science for non-invasive wireless analytics. This approach provides the much- needed wireless intelligence to enrich currently available business data, further assisting business transition to the digital age.

Data Science

One of the greatest challenges is to explain the process of data science – a process that combines business questions, data exploration, modification, analysis and presentation into an iterative self-improving loop. It is a journey from a real world problem down into the intricate details of individual data sets and back up to provide results that are useful in day to day business decisions. In addition to the right tools and materials, a creative component is necessary that unites these elements and produces the envisioned outcome. The combination of the right contextual and raw data and the selection of efficient analytics processes requires not only mathematical or scientific experience but also the ability to present and communicate the results.

The Art of Data Science

"Like the statue is already in the stone, the answer is already in the data, we just need to chisel away the unnecessary parts!"
Dr J. Dethlefs, Nexulogy

The Journey To Data Lake

Compressing Raw Data into Diamonds

Raw Data

Structured Data

Filtered Data

Processed Data


Big Data

Big Data technology enable evidence-based decision making, turning high volumes of fast-moving and diverse data into meaningful insights.

Professional Wi-Fi

Providing business services beyond connectivity

Win - Win

Wi-Fi is an essential service for commercial and public spaces, with the intention of attracting additional visitors and improve retention. The good news is, customer expectations and provider benefits go hand in hand.
Improvements on one side immediately benefits the other.

Enterprise Wireless

Traditionally a wireless deployment was focused on coverage and not data analytics. However, any wireless infrastructure will generate data that can be used for business analytics, planning and marketing.

Infrastructure Planning

Specialised wireless analytical services are essential for the future improvement and development of the network infrastructure.

Circle of Improvements

The insights gained from the wireless can later be used to gradually improve performance, coverage and capability of the wireless network, which in turn will provide better data.


Universities and Colleges

Campus Traffic

Traffic and occupancy distribution can be filtered by time, people group and overlaid with other contextual data to provide a fast and easy overview of the campus performance.

Time Spent in Building

Occupancy pattern and dwell times within buildings are directly available from the wireless system. This provides a additional levels of information, that are not available with conventional methods (e.g. door counters).

Daily Student Count

Campus visitation head count by day and semester week
Student counts can be further filtered by faculty or people group to provide insight into visitation pattern for space planning and demand analysis.

Theatre Headcount

Nexulogy has developed tools that provide high accuracy lecture theatre headcounts.

Attendance Rates

Attendance rate in % by time of day
Attendance rates have been calculated using headcount and timetable information. This allows longer trend analysis or can supports short term adjustments to improve space utlisation.

Building Utilisation

People count as percentage of building capacity by time (7am to 7pm) and day
Space utilisation by building type or location is the core metric for any space planning process.


Time spent on campus vs outcome metric by people group (anonymised data)
Visitation or dwell time can be correlated to other indicators (e.g. income or expenditure) and will add insightful dimensions to any performance data.


Shopping Centre and Supermarkets


Location analytics is not limited to single wireless deployments, but can be aggregated across multiple locations.


Dwell time by location
Wireless analytics allows to break down the dwell time by individual locations. This is a base metric in any detailed visitor analysis. Wireless analytics allows even cross correlation between various locations for each individual visitor.

Traffic Pattern

Visitation as a % of total visitation by hour of day
Various locations display different visitation pattern during the day. The individual people movement from area to area can be analysed and will provide opportunities for targeted marketing activities in the various areas.

Dwell Time

Dwell time in minutes by time of day and location
The total visitation within a shopping centre can be broken down into individual dwell times by location. Allowing very detailed insight into the shopping behaviour of customers.


Airport, Rail and other public transport

Traffic Flow

Queue Time

Queue time by time of day
The morning and evening peak hour leads to increased waiting times (up to 45min in the morning). Appropriate actions to minimise the queue time can significantly improve the customer experience.

Trip Pattern

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