Understanding what customers really want is key to manage resources and demand.


Passenger and Shopper Experience

Understanding long term customer behaviour requires the ability to process large quantities of data collected over longer time periods (e.g., a year, a season, a semester). Managing crowds requires a detailed understanding of their origins and destinations, the time it takes to get from "A" to "B" and how much time is spent in "C".

Modern wireless environments are able to cover large infrastructures and to measure nearly unlimited amounts of traffic.

Using the capabilities of a wireless deployment for location analytics has become common practice for many businesses. Provided the network is adequately configured, location and time of visitors can be observed with high accuracy.

As the wireless data are location and time stamped, big data methodologies enable analysis of queueing behaviour, traffic routes and dwell times, providing direct insight into customer experience and satisfaction.

Real-time data allow faster response times to emergencies and pro-active crowd and resource management.

Screenshot: Datenmaschine's traffic analysis