WiFi-Counter - the multi-dimensional counter ready for data mining.

Wi-Fi counter is a process that utilises Wi-Fi to capture dynamic visitor numbers, provides visibility on assets, records events and product flow.

The Wi-Fi counter process is ready to be implemented into solutions and platforms that provide location data. Location data is the key to understand social behaviour and has a wide range of applications. For example: class attendance and office utilisation can be visualised and cross referenced with correlated contextual data.

With wireless hardware often already deployed and managed to provide internet connectivity to the users, WiFi-counter can be implemented without the need for additional hardware.

Nexulogy provides insights from existing infrastructure and will further refine data collection by improving Wi-Fi layout resulting in even higher quality services to customers and better data quality for data mining. Making your infrastructure smarter and agile.

Other digital/IOT devices such as door counters, seat counters and video counters will require additional cost of hardware and maintenance. Wi-Fi counter is less intrusive than video based counters and provides a multi dimensional dataset that is ready for data mining.

Wi-Fi counter utilises existing hardware to save cost, provides a wide range of relevant customer experience data and management is easier than fragmented physical counting systems. WiFi-counter is a byproduct of initial investment into a Wi-Fi deployment for internet connection and will provide a ROI in form of data analytics.


Quick win using existing hardware
Zero hardware investment
Zero maintenance
Improve existing service

Wifi counter creates multi dimensional datasets that connects physical world to the digital world. It provides the foundation location data for real time and in-depth analytics, which leads to a better campus experience at universities, passenger experience improvement at airports and a better customer experience in shopping centres, sports arenas and all areas with high visitor flow.